Share/Savings Account*
Basic Savings                     .40%  APY Quarterly Dividend Rate

Loan Accounts*
Unsecured Loans (Signature)
Personal Loan                    7.5%APR            24 months        $100.00 Minimum; $5,000.00 Maximum
Personal Loan                    8.5%APR            24 months        $5,000.00 Minimum; $7,500.00 Maximum
Personal Loan                    12.5%APR          36 months        $7,500.00 Minimum; $10,000.00 Maximum
Vehicle Loans
The U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has developed to encourage fuel economy awareness. 
The website features updated fuel economy data for new and used passenger vehicles, allows side-by-side vehicle comparisons and contains
vehicle-specific air pollution emissions
information and safety ratings to aid members in making informed automotive purchase decisions.
New Car Loan                       1.9%APR       48 months            Maximum New Car Loan $50,000.00
New Car Loan                       1.9%APR       60 months
New Car Loan                       2.9%APR       72 months
Used Car Loan                      4.9%APR       48 months          1 - 3 years old
Used Car Loan                      5.9%APR       36 months          4 or more years old
*All rates are subject to change at any time, and may vary based on Credit RatingAll loans are subject to approval. Apply by email or mail using our Loan Application Form at the bottom. Please include a copy of a recent payroll/income verification for faster turnaround.

Fees and Disclosures
Deposit Account Fees:  Basic Savings--None
Loan Account Fees:  All--None
Miscellaneous Fees:  All--None

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